Women & Fitness Boxing Training – 6 Girls Only Tips to Tone Up, Lose Weight and Get Fighting Fit

Women love Boxing for Fitness. More and more women are “over” aerobics classes and the trendy treadmill scene. Instead, they are strapping on gloves and punching their way to a new body.

Of the more than 50 000 people I have taught Fitness Boxing to over the last 16 years, more than half have been women. Here are 6 of my best “girls only” boxing fitness tips.

Whether you are a woman, or a Personal Trainer who trains women or perhaps you workout with a woman, these tips will give great results.

1 – For women, Fitness Boxing is more than just for fitness – it’s about Empowerment. One of my best students, Lizzie, punches better than most men. She says she has always been told, like most women have, to be “a good little girl.” However, she gave herself permission to throw great punches and get fighting fit.

Practical Tip: Give yourself permission to get fit, punch hard and just go for it!

2 – Women want to learn correct punching technique. Women are great to teach because they arrive as beginners with “an empty cup.” Men often “know it all,” already when it comes to throwing a punch. They can be harder to teach and they often try too hard. Women seem to understand that it’s not all about brute force.

Practical Tip: Begin Fitness Boxing with an open mind. Try not to force it. Just relax and master the basics of good technique. Practice slowly in front of the mirror – and you will get fitter, faster.

3 – Women want to work their mid sections and lower bodies. A good punch means using the right muscles. And the right muscles are the legs, Abs and core. Unfortunately too many Trainers think a punch is just about using your arms. But the arm is just the nail, while the hips and legs are the hammer. The hammer drives the nail.

Practical Tip: Find your power center – just like in yoga or Pilates. Connect your lower body to the ground as you punch. In other words plant, then punch. This will force those lower body muscles into action and create power.

4 – Women don’t want to do Boutique Boxing. Women don’t want to do Boutique Boxing or Box Aerobics. They want to do the real thing. Not an actual fight but they want their workout to be as authentic as possible – real sweat and real results.

Practical Tip: Learn Authentic Fitness Boxing. In other words don’t mix your boxing with too many “box-aerobics” moves like star jumps and endless push ups. Keep it real.

5 – Women should wrap their hands, just like boxers do. Like men, women need to wrap their hands properly. This may seem like a small thing, but actually it’s a big thing. Hands are fragile, women’s perhaps more than men’s. Unless you are a street-fighter in your spare time, your hands are probably not used to punching. We spend a fortune on training shoes, but also need to look after our hands.

Practical Tip – Use hand wraps and proper 8,10 or 12 oz Boxing Gloves, with good padding. Your punches will be harder and you’ll have more confidence giving you a superior fitness workout.

6 – Women need to be matched with the right partner. ผลมวยย้อนหลังเมื่อวาน, even for fitness, is an impact sport. A big man can generate a couple of hundred pounds of instant force in one punch. The partner who ‘catches’ that punch with punch mitts (a.k.a focus mitts) is going to get rattled. I see this in gym classes often. Big, wild punching guys attacking the punch mitts with full power, held by a smaller female (or male) partner. This is a dangerous.

Practical Tip – Try to match with someone the same size and ability. If that’s not possible, focus on good mitt-holding technique (use your core, elbows in tight, no chicken wings). The punching partner should be controlled and try punching at 50-70% power.

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